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UNN SUG Officials Seen Harassing and Extorting Vendors (photos/video)



UNN SUG Officials Seen Harassing and Extorting Vendors, Chimezie Fortunatus past president UNN SUG 2017/2018 caught extorting and harassing traders .

The Student Union Government (SUG) of University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) Chapter have been caught being involved in fraudulent related acts within the Nsukka campus recently.

The UNN SUG officials which was spare headed by Comrade Chimezie Fortunatus Izuchukwu,the Executive president UNN SUG 2017/2018 have been caught for allegedly extorting and harassing traders .

Dailyschoolgist learnt that the incident had been occurring since last year but had become very alarming and disturbing this year because they are being accompanied by the University security officers fully armed with threat of shooting the traders if they fail to pay the sum of N19,000.00 which was not documented by the university management.

According to one of the traders (name withdrawn) told myschoolnews that he had to run for his safety because the UNN SUG Officials asked the university security to shoot any trader who hesitates giving them money or struggles with them in a bide to stop them from seizing their goods and properties.

Those who fail to pay are frequently threatened with arrest, verbal abuse and physical harm. Far too often these threats are carried out as seen in the video and photos attached to this post.

He further revealed that in compliance with the University community, agreement was reached with the immediate past VC not to make any payment to the immediate past 2018/2019 SUG officials because their tenure has ended and also any payment made to them will warrant any victim to pay double because the funds are not remitted to the university account but rather the funds are going into the SUG official pockets.

It could recalled that the Comrade Fortunatus, the Executive president UNN SUG 2017/2018 with his fellow SUG officials were elected into office 12 months ago which is equivalent to two tenures have turn out to be the worst ever elected SUG officials in the history SUG in University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

It is so pathetic that Countless ordinary Nigerians attempting to make precarious ends meet as a photocopier, recharge card seller, food vendor etc are accosted on a daily basis by armed UNN Security officers and SUG officials who harsh and commit human rights abuses against them as a means of extorting money termed as a fraudulent practices by the student Union government, UNN chapter.


Extortion, embezzlement, and other corrupt practices by the SUG is very prudent in the governance of 2017/2018 UNN SUG officials, they have undermine the fundamental human rights of vendors within the campus so many ways.

These abuses range from arbitrary and unlawful looting from vendors and to threats and acts of violence, including physical and verbal abuse, and even a threat to lives.

The Vendors urge the University community to call the student union of government to order or they will be forced to take legal actions.

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