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Download Music Mp3:- Kene Duogu – Political Mumbo Jumbo



Download Music Mp3:- Kene Duogu – Political Mumbo Jumbo

Political Mumbo Jumbo Is a musical call for the common man to always be wary of evil politicians who now use every available means to confuse the common man into taking them as saints.

A situation that has left the common man in perpetual agony and suffering that it seems all hope is lost.

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Kene Duogu is a Nigerian roots reggae artiste/conscious Rastafarian,humanist and a strong garveyite.

He was inspired to do music by the likes of Peter Tosh,Joseph Hill,Eric Donaldson, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube and Alpha Blondy.

His debut album ” up mighty race” is aimed at correcting the sociopolitical/economic abnormalities in the entire continent if Africa ,preaching religious tolerance and reawakening of Afro-consciousness towards achieving greatness.

The album contains mind blowing/inspirational tracks like political Mumbo-Jumbo, we all deserve to live,what was our crime,this livity,jah fellowship, humankind, up mighty race,reggae time,donkey belly and show the love.

Twitter:@kene duogu ,Instagram: kene duogu,Facebook: kene duogu

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