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Near Success Syndrome: BBNaija 2019 Lessons



Near Success Syndrome: BBNaija 2019 Lessons
Near Success Syndrome: BBNaija 2019 Lessons

Near Success Syndrome: BBNaija 2019 Lessons

BBNaija 2019 has finally come and gone and in the ensuing few weeks, Nigerian youths will be caught up in the euphoria of following up with the lives of ex-housemates and the winner. I didn’t personally follow the show but the little I was able to discern with the help of Nairaland and Twitter has formed this thread.

Sometimes, shows as mundane as Big Brother Naija “Pepper Dem” version may not be educational on face value but I see everything in life as a lesson and if you look, even shows like BBN have a lot of lessons to impart to everyone.

Without further ado, let’s look at the Types of Spirits that causes near success syndrome – BBN example.

[b]Instigation Cindy[/b]

This spirit is sometimes personified in people that we know, family members even people we refer to as friends. People like Cindy in BBN. Those people that are eager to tell you what was said about you behind your back, to tell you who called you stupid , who disrespected you, who gossiped about you and what have you; but when you react, when the fight starts, they will be the first to hide in the corner, act neutral , watch and laugh, while you make a fool of yourself. An instigator is the worst enemy. Beware of the Cindys’ in your life. After all said and done, nobody will remember the instigators like Cindy, but your reaction will forever be imprinted in everyone’s hearts. It may even cost you your success.

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Yes, Mercy’s hair flip right into Tacha’s face coupled with the stream of insults can provoke anyone to anger. But giving into that anger is what seperates winners from losers and more importantly, 30M richer from 1m and bogus promises richer. You mustn’t react every time you are pushed to anger. You might be right, but will end up apologizing because of your reaction. Tacha was right to have defended herself, but her defense unfortunately involved getting physical, hence, her disqualification. Thus, she ended up being the one giving the apology. You mustn’t react every time you are offended because you are right.

[b]Engaging in unnecessary battles[/b]

This is a spirit that has seen many men and women reach the brink of success but never actualize it because they spent a lot of time and energy focusing on unnecessary battles. In Tacha’s case, barely few days to the final, she chose a battle that took her own head. Sometimes it is good to swallow one’s pride and take one for the team. Team You! Before you pick that battle: Is it close to your wedding day? Your exam? Your traveling out? Your promotion? An upcoming important event in your life? What is at stake for you? You don’t have to be a walk over but sometimes, you take one for the team. Team You!! It doesn’t make you stupid! It makes you wise! Engaging in unnecessary battles on the other hand, keeps you from not reaching the finish line.

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[b]Do you know who I am?[/b]

The pride that comes with this spirit has hindered a lot of us from achieving great things. This was clearly Tacha’s year! Tacha’s game! But in order to show [i]ima kwa onye m’bu? [/i] Mercy took what could have been hers. Sometimes it might be in your home, in your car, in your business, or in what belongs to you; but you still need to forget who you are, maybe join the queue, maybe don’t respond, or maybe follow the entire process. Sometimes you need to forget that your important role/ image/position. We marvel when we see billionaires like Bill Gates on a queue but imagine him in the process of trying to form do you know who I am, shoves another customer?
Imagine the law suits that will follow when the shoved person will form hip, leg and liver fracture from the gentle shove? Imagine the public outcry and the inconveniences that might follow? Won’t it be better if Bill Gates jejely respects himself when he’s in public and joins the queue?

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