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(PHOTOS): Driver Arrested While Trying To Return Stolen Iphone



A woman has taken to social media to expose a driver who allegedly stole her iPhone 10 after her return  from the United Kingdom. The woman who hails from Edo state, revealed that her friend’s driver stole her iPhone 10 after entering his car. 

The woman who revealed that she is yet to pay fully for the iPhone which is worth about £1,250 (over N620,000) – said that the gadget was stolen just one week of her return to Nigeria after boarding the suspect’s car.

After trying to recover the phone all to no avail, the woman promised the alleged phone thief that she would give him N100,000 if he returns the phone to her.

In the process of returning the phone, the suspect and his alleged accomplice were nabbed by the police. The iPhone was already disabled as at the time of recovery as it was alleged that the suspected thief tried to open it.

The suspects are currently being held at the station. 

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