Man Shares His Testimony Over a New Job

After I posted this, I reached final stages of two more and it looked so sure but then again, I got rejection mail. Sometimes, the interviewers will tell me how impressed they were but still reject me.
I was getting fed up. Every single week for three months, I would travel for one interview or the other, sometimes, two in a day and it all comes down to nothing.
But I noticed a trend in my application, the companies just kept getting bigger, if a smaller company rejects me today, a bigger one will call me for interview and it just kept increasing until the best I applied. I reached final stage and was scared I will be rejected just like the others but eventually got accepted to the glory of God.

Let me give you my stats so you will understand better.

More than 50 applications
Over 30 assessment tests in 3 months
About 25 interviews in the 3 months
Over 100k spent in transport (for an unemployed somebody, this is huge)
Reached final stages for 6
Got one

So never give up, life may be directing you, to me, I felt they were all preparing me for my dream job, and hell yea they were. People were getting concerned for me, how I was able to manage seeing rejections every single week but still dress up and go for just another interview with same enthusiasm. But after each rejection I just smile and say, ‘that was not meant for me, it was just preparatory class’ and the mindset worked.
Thank God.

Never give up, never lose faith.

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