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Man Dies of Internal Bleeding After Being Tortured By Soldiers in Plateau



A boy has allegedly died of internal bleeding after he was tortured by soldiers in Plateau.The news was shared by Yahaya who wrote….

‘The Nigerian  military (Army) who are in  plateau to protect lives and properties of our people have turned to be killers.

The pictures you are seeing is  a young boy that was turned to death by men of sector 7 of STF. what happened.  STF under sector 7 posted to Sha District of Bokkos local government tortured to death, one Atajan Aguliash  Amadu on an account of an allegation that has not been proven to be true up to this point of his death.

Mister Atajan Died  of internal bleeding in the state general hospital of bokkos  as a result of tortured by the STF personal posted to sha to protect lives and properties of the people of that area but ended up as killers of the same people there are protecting. This matter must be treated seriously and urgent. Nigerians can not be killed by the  securities who are supposed to protect them’

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