Courses You Must Go Through As An Engineering Student

Courses offered in engineering

For every graduate of engineering, you must have gone through most of the courses I will list below, if not all. This courses are so important that it is clear
impossible to graduate without having a fair knowledge of them.

1) Thermodynamics : this is the study of heat and temperature in relation to
energy and work. The desire to improve on the efficiency of steam engines lead to the development of this course. Terms such as enthalpy, entropy, energy and
pressure will be used often in the said course. Thermodynamics have four basic laws, but this cannot be handled here.

2)FLUID MECHANICS : This has to do with
the study of fluids (liquids and gases), it is divided broadly into two, FLUID STATICS and FLUID DYNAMICS. With the former taking care of fluids with no sheer stress
( ie fluids at rest) and the latter handling fluids in motion. Base on flow, we have compressible and in compressible fluid whose difference lie in their rate of flow
with density change. Two most common but very important theories include those of newton’s on viscosity and archimedes on floatation. Applications include in
aviation sector, shipping / maritime, refineries, production of breweries etc.

3) CALCULUS / ADVANCE CALCULUS : This is an extension of further mathematics, has topics like polynomial, matrices and
determinant, integration and
differentiation and the most feared of virtually all engineering students Laplace transformation. The application of which cannot be under -estimated.



Before any construction/ fabrication work is carried out, it most be properly represented on paper with dimensions.
All engineers on dailyschoolgist, how many of this courses did you pass through? None engineers who love the profession are also welcome.

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